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10 Fire Fighting Inventions That Every Government Should Possess 🔥🌏

Welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new world of firefighters as we know that fire has played a vital role in the development of humankind it is also dangerous at the same time fire destroys assets worth billions of dollars and takes lives of thousands of people every year that’s why it is important to know the different tactics to combat the fire today we’re listening to some of the great innovations that can change the future face of firefighting industry number one Aran’s firefighting drone meet air owns firefighting drone introduced by an innovative company Aaron Asst Ltd compared to ordinary drones this patented technology can fly up to the maximum height of 300 to 400 meters literally outperforming firefighter trucks ladders and weighs just 55 kilograms having a length and width of three meters in addition the drone was explicitly designed to reach those areas which were impossible before to combat the fire it can shoot water or foam from the front nozzle at a speed of 100 litres per minute with the maximum pressure of 200 bars despite the fact that generally drones are weaker and fragile fortunately this drone is different it can lift and rescue people whose weights are below a hundred and forty five kilograms able to operate in aerospace avoid obstacles and fly great radiuses moreover it can be used for cleaning and maintenance purposes for high-rise structures number two Soundwave fire extinguisher in the movies whenever a fire occurs people often produce some crazy sounds wait a minute can we use a sound to put out a fire to extraordinary engineers from the George Mason University invented this device which uses sound to suppress the fire how does it work well it produces a low frequency sound of 100 Hertz as its vibration energy touches the flame it blocks the oxygen supply to the fire and hence fire extinguishes in no time moreover this project is under development stage so it will take time to be commercialized number 3 aircraft fire fighters are those which are generally deployed to put out a fire of large scale in the wild the first example of aircraft fire fighters is the Bombardier CL 415 which is a Canadian amphibious aircraft intentionally built as a water bomber for aerial firefighting by a company canadair Bombardier Aerospace the CL 415 is the world’s leading firefighting aircraft which needs just 12 seconds to scoop up 6000 140 litres of water it can be mixed with chemical foam if desired and is able to drop its content on fire at a high speed the aircraft has a firefighting drop system which consists of four water tanks and four independently open above water doors the Sikorsky s-64 skycrane is another example of aircraft firefighters which is an American twin-engine heavy-lift helicopter this aircraft is fitted with a 10,000 litre fixed retardant tank capable of refilling 10,000 litres of water in just 45 seconds from a water slide and is able to extinguish fires in the wild moreover it’s a military model was featured in the movie The Incredible Hulk number forms firefighting robot while machines are so fantastic because they can do the most dangerous tasks without risking any human life such as a firefighters job firefighters risk their own lives to put out the fire that’s why Australia’s Weins tech company came up with a great idea of explosion proof firefighting robots the human operators remotely control these cute fire extinguishing robots they can shoot water up to the length of a football field that’s nearly 85 meters these mini tanks are equipped with infrared thermal imaging sensors which work as a thermal identification for a human operator moreover these firefighting robots have an ability of climbing and crossing which is essential in the emergency conditions and it has excellent payload capacity sufficient to load two people at a time and can be deployed to work as a team for a more significant threat this combination clears away smoke heat toxic gases and reduces the intensity of the fire allowing firefighters and rescue teams to follow maximum safety number 5 fire extinguisher ball this ball is a compact spherical fire extinguisher that can extinguish fire you just have to throw the ball into the fire and with a small blast it extinguishes the fire these fire extinguishing balls are indeed very fast these get activated in just three seconds and it’s working principle is effortless it detects high temperature and gets burned up because it’s made of a combustion material as the ball burns it starts spreading the fire extinguishing chemical these chemicals stop the oxygen supply which put out the fire quickly these balls are gaining popularity and residential and commercial areas because it is lightweight easy to use has a longer lifespan and it requires no inspection and maintenance moreover these can be used in all types of fire class and doesn’t need any prior training number six sky saver emergency situations are always unexpected so you should be prepared sky sivir can be your rescue device in a state of an emergency it does not need any prior training to use sky saver you just have to put it on clip it to an anchor and jump from the window it is equipped with an automatic braking system that will adjust your body weight with gravity and will allow you to land on the ground with the maximum safety sky Seaver is designed correctly and tested thousands of times so apparently we can trust it for our safety it can carry up to 260 pounds or 120 kilograms and also allows to escape from up to 80 meters of vertical height sky savers also comes with front harness system which is helpful to rescue babies and pets it’s also easy to use cost-effective and offers the entirely independent South rescue solution 7lu f60 the AL UF 60 is a wireless remote control to mobile firefighting supporting machine it clears the path up to a distance of 1,000 feet by incorporating a high-capacity positive pressure ventilator and a water beam fog this rugged machine has additional backup manual controls in the event of a power supply failure it is perfect for tricky operations and confined space like underground stations and warehouses surprisingly it’s pumpkin chute water or fog and 360 degree rotation from steel cast aluminum water cannons with a speed of 1,800 litres a minute and 10 bars of pressure moreover it gets power from a 100 horsepower strong and a robust diesel engine and all components are accessible and maintenance friendly number 8 – ever a fire occurs in luxury hotels traditional low pressure sprinklers use tons of water to put out the fire and damages water sensitive assets hence recovery from water damage takes a long time and business goes down introducing Haiphong an innovative pressurized water mist system that uses water 10 times more efficiently and effectively water mist system fights fire by discharging a fine water mist at very high velocity high fog extinguishes fire in just three ways it cools the surrounding space the lost radiant heat and reduces the oxygen that reaches to the fire number 9 Auto firemen car fires don’t happen frequently but when they do they are a potentially deadly emergency in most of the cases a fire occurred around the engine then it may be challenging to extinguish it introducing Auto fireman an innovative product that can be installed in the engine compartment of a car two or more extinguishers can be mounted on any suitable metal surface at two opposite points after installation of a device they are ready to save your life it’s working principle is simple but still very effective it’s made up of combustible material hence whenever it detects the rise in temperature it burns and releases chemical reagents in the form of gas that extinguishes the fire the extinguishing process is speedy just give it 30 seconds and it’s done number 10 some art detectors first example of a smart detector is the video smoke detectors the best safety system designed to protect expensive and high-value assets these detectors consist of a high-quality digital camera and smart software hence its analytical software analyzes each frame of video multiple times per second and is able to recognize fire and smoke in the footage after detecting the fire you can extinguish it by utilizing water spray or co2 gas moreover it can differentiate different types of fire and so easily birdie smart detector is another intelligent detector and first smart home safety device built specifically to save your life this device consists of different sensors that are programmed to analyze the data to detect the fire smoke carbon monoxide leaks and tracks pollution and other danger in the air in case of an emergency it directly alerts the fire department thanks for watching which innovation did you find the most impressive tell me the reason in the comments below if you’re new here then feel free to subscribe and don’t miss our upcoming videos by pressing the bell icon I’ll catch you guys in my next video peace

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