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Still Face Experiment: Dr. Edward Tronick

>> Babies this young are extremely responsive to the emotions and the reactivity and the social interaction that they get from the world around them. This is something that we started studying 30, 40 years ago when people didn’t think that infants could engage in social interaction. In the “still …

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The Birds and the Bees | Parents Explain | Cut

Do you know why we’re here today? Uh, for the video? We’re going to talk about where babies come from. Do you know anything about intercourse? So…um today we’re going to talk about how babies are made and where they come from. Would you like to know how babies are …

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(children) Kids react to technology! This episode: Apple Watch! (Finebros) So today we’re changing it up. We’re gonna have you react to something we haven’t done on Kids React before. Okay. No, not again. (Finebros) You’re going to be reacting not to old technology, – but to new technology. – …

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(children) Kids react to technology! This episode: The First iPod! (Finebros) This episode, you’re not reacting to a video. What am I gonna be doing? (Finebros) You’re going to react to this. What? I love technology. I’m going to be an engineer. What is this? It looks like an old …

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Japan’s independent kids

The Ando family are not unique. You see, Japanese families encourage their children to travel to and from school alone every single day. By Western standards, Japanese culture emphasises independence and self-reliance from an extraodinarily young age. In fact, one of Japan’s most loved and longest running TV shows, is …

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