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The Future of Airplanes

These are the technological developments that will allow us to move ourselves and our cargo cheaper, greener, and faster, through the air, going forward. This is the future of flight. With the first all-electric twin-engine, self-powered aircraft successfully crossing the English Channel this month, and the ongoing effort of the …

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Robot Surgeons are the Future of Medicine

RoboCop, Robodog, Robo… …doctor? Alright, medical technology is getting weirder by the day. But I mean that in a good way. Take the iKnife for example. It’s a surgical knife that actually vaporizes tissue, and then analyzes the smoke that comes out so that a surgeon can know if she’s …

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The Future of Cancer Research | Freethink

– I really shouldn’t be here today. I’m living a life that I didn’t think I would get to live. My doctors told me that I had one of the most aggressive versions of prostate cancer that they had ever seen. I didn’t think I would see my daughter actually …

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Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Radiologists? – The Medical Futurist

Will artificial intelligence replace radiologists? Artificial intelligence is everywhere. No matter whether it’s art, Amazon or Google searches. It also has a vast potential to transform healthcare. Diagnostics, oncology, healthcare data management, medical imaging and many more fields could tremendously profit from its innovation. If you are interested, find our …

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What Past Predictions of the Future Got Right

This episode is made possible by dashlane secure your data from prying eyes by signing up for a free account today For almost the entirety of human history, we’ve always had a bit of a thing for predicting the future. Sometimes we get pretty close and Sometimes we’re way off …

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These Are the Events That Will Happen Before 2050

This real-life lore video is made possible by story blocks click the link in the description for an exclusive 7 day free trial and download photos illustrations vectors and more for your next video or artistic project So as most of us are probably aware predicting the future is a …

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