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Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Patient Outcomes

(upbeat music) – Artificial intelligence, AI, is changing the way healthcare providers serve their patients and has been proven to improve patient outcomes. Whether it’s making patient interactions with customer service agents run more smoothly or creating an easy to use clinician and patient communication interface that can help reduce …

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Is this the future of health? | The Economist

The quest for artificial intelligence began more than 80 years ago the idea was that computer technology would one day be powerful enough to carry out tasks better and more efficiently than humans we’ve got to actually say hello to today AI has come of age it’s already having an …

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Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Radiologists? – The Medical Futurist

Will artificial intelligence replace radiologists? Artificial intelligence is everywhere. No matter whether it’s art, Amazon or Google searches. It also has a vast potential to transform healthcare. Diagnostics, oncology, healthcare data management, medical imaging and many more fields could tremendously profit from its innovation. If you are interested, find our …

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Top A.I. Algorithms In Medicine – The Medical Futurist

It’s inevitable. A.I is going to change healthcare as we know it. But in this video, I want to show you a few medical specialties where it’s already making a difference. Radiology In 2018, a deep-learning-based algorithm was developed using more than 50 thousand normal chest images and almost 7 …

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