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Robot Surgeons are the Future of Medicine

RoboCop, Robodog, Robo… …doctor? Alright, medical technology is getting weirder by the day. But I mean that in a good way. Take the iKnife for example. It’s a surgical knife that actually vaporizes tissue, and then analyzes the smoke that comes out so that a surgeon can know if she’s …

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Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Radiologists? – The Medical Futurist

Will artificial intelligence replace radiologists? Artificial intelligence is everywhere. No matter whether it’s art, Amazon or Google searches. It also has a vast potential to transform healthcare. Diagnostics, oncology, healthcare data management, medical imaging and many more fields could tremendously profit from its innovation. If you are interested, find our …

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Top A.I. Algorithms In Medicine – The Medical Futurist

It’s inevitable. A.I is going to change healthcare as we know it. But in this video, I want to show you a few medical specialties where it’s already making a difference. Radiology In 2018, a deep-learning-based algorithm was developed using more than 50 thousand normal chest images and almost 7 …

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