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Transcend Air Vy 400 Tiltwing VTOL Aircraft City to City Flights

hello my name is Ben Lavrov and in this video I’m going to briefly describe the transcend air corporations vow 400 the VY 400 is a twin-engined tilt wing VTOL aircraft designed for city to city commuting carrying VIPs and others for whom time is money powered by two pratt & whitney bt six engines it will carry four to five passengers plus the pilot and luggage cruising at 405 miles per hour with a range of 300 to 450 statute miles at a maximum operating altitude of 15,000 feet transcend Ayers guide prices for city to city flights include examples such as Manhattan to Boston for two hundred and eighty three dollars and a journey time of 36 minutes LA to San Francisco for three hundred and fifteen dollars in 55 minutes and Montreal to Toronto for three hundred and twenty-five dollars in 60 minutes imagine the time saved with no need for a row journey to an airport outside the city and no extra demand on airfields that are already at capacity this VTOL aircraft will be quieter faster and cheaper to run than the helicopters currently required for the same number of passengers and payload although the Pratt & Whitney pt6 engines are one of the world’s most reliable for added safety the aircraft will be fitted with a whole airframe ballistic parachute the BRS aerospace whole aircraft rescue parachute system will make the VY 400 the safest VTOL aircraft in the world the aircraft has a simplified design that removes much of the complexity of cables hydraulics and fuel lines in comparable aircraft the fly-by-wire flight control system will be dual channel triple modular redundancy divorced avionics and auto and envelope and mission protection in addition geofencing plus sensors will prevent flight into terrain or ground obstacles trance and air are a group of experienced aerospace executives engineers and entrepreneurs who have designed a tilt wing VTOL aircraft which they predict will grow to dominate the VIP transport helicopter segment by being faster cheaper and safer and which will enable a new city center to city center airliner the trance and air team includes members who have worked at Bell Boeing the FAA Delta JetBlue national test pilot school and NASA in the past 10 years they’ve built and flown 15 prototype VTOL aircraft 14 of which have been electric so with a decade of real-world experience and the fact that no new regulations are needed combined with proven technologies and state-of-the-art IV onyx the VY 400 looks set to build an airline to capture twenty billion dollars of proven US demand trance and air are planning to launch their service in 2024 and they aim to serve up to 46 city pairs in the USA for more information and to keep updated on the progress of this aircrafts development visit transcend airs website at transcend aero and for more information about the growing world of urban air mobility subscribe to my channel for the next video in this series

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